LOCATION  Langley-Surrey, BC 

OWNER Golden Crossing Constructors JV

COMPLETED   April 2009

VALUE   $94M


GIG partners, FRPD and BEL were key subcontractors on this major Design-Build Finance Operate project. Both firms were active members of the construction joint venture team from the RFP stage through to the opening of the bridge and road network.


BEL was responsible for road building & utilities works on the Surrey and Langley side of the bridge project and also utility construction in Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows:

  • Contract spanned from June 2006 to April 2009

  • 5.4km of new highway construction

  • 6.2km of re-construction and new municipal roads in the Surrey and Langley areas

  • Relocation of existing services included

    • 1200mm Metro Vancouver water line 

    • 1350mm Metro Vancouver water line 

    • 900mm Township of Langley trunk sanitary sewer

    • 1500mm Township of Langley storm sewer

  • Installation of 1.6km 900 Metro Vancouver water line


Relocation of existing major utilities and installation of new trunk sewer and water lines, required extensive coordination and detailed scheduling with the Township of Langley, the District of Maple Ridge and Metro Vancouver.


As well as the work in the Fraser River itself, the project impacted numerous fish bearing streams that required protection during construction as well as extensive habitat compensation and wildlife salvage and relocation.  Strict adherence to DFO and MOE guidelines and a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan governed the work.



The scope of the work undertaken by FRPD included a variety of activities; both marine related and on land:

  • The construction of the 4 main river pier foundations supported by 12-2440mm diameter bored piles to depths as great as 75 meters.  Approximately 300 cubic meters of concrete and up to 90 tons of reinforcing steel per pile were installed.

  • Provide technical support for Geotechnical and Structural designers, adapting foundation designs to account for variable and deep compressible ground conditions.

  • Supply and upland stockpiling of approximately 750,000 cubic meters of dredged river sand to be used for preload and roadway embankment fill.

  • Construction of significant Temporary Works on both the North and South sides of the river, to facilitate loading offloading of Bridge and Viaduct pre-built components. 

  • Installation of over 3,000 precast concrete driven piles to support footings for elevated portions of connecting roadways adjacent to and over top of the active CN Rail mainline.

  • Installation of piles and retaining walls to allow construction of an underpass at Highway 1, while causing minimal disruption to commuter traffic.

  • Extensive Marine Soil Densification around all 4 main river piers. 

  • Installation of sheet pile shoring to facilitate construction of upland footings located in poor soil conditions with ground water levels, at or near the soil surface.



LOCATION    False Creek, BC 

OWNER  City of Vancouver

COMPLETED  January 2007

VALUE  $976K


Installation of 1800mm storm sewer on Columbia Street from 1st Avenue to False Creek

  • Including outfall structure into Vancouver harbour at -4.0m elevation

  • Tie into existing storm sewer in center of 1st Avenue intersection at a 6.0m depth with multiple existing services requiring support



  • major utility installation immediately adjacent to False Creek under tight schedule constraints


Sheet pile coffer dam construction by partner company Fraser River Pile & Dredge.