LOCATION  Coquitlam, BC 

OWNER  Polygon Group

COMPLETED  September 2005

VALUE  $417K


This project involved the replacement of an existing culvert crossing of East Hoy Creek, a fish bearing stream.


The work included diverting the creek flow, removal of existing fill and culverts within the East Hoy Creek riparian area, construction of a corrugated steel arch culvert with concrete footing and collars, Mesa Block retaining walls, geogrid reinforced fill, reconstruction of the creek channel using natural boulders and cobbles and extensive erosion and sediment control measures to protect the native environment.



The crux of this project was that the site access was only available to the East side of the existing ravine, and careful planning was required to ensure that the ‘far side’ of the culvert, walls and fill could be constructed.



  • active creek crossing completed under strict fisheries window time constraints

  • streambed reconstruction and riparian reconstruction


LOCATION  Sea-to-Sky Highway, BC 

OWNER   Ministry of Transportation

COMPLETED  September 2003

VALUE  $433K


The Conroy Creek project had several phases of design and construction. Phases included a diversion channel which rerouted Conroy Creek around the installation site during the excavation and removal of the existing culvert. Further phases included assembly of an Armtec Ltd 28-ring arch structure, placement and compaction of the structural backfill, placement of riprap, fish gravel and finally installation of the trash racks.


One of the constraints on this project was maintaining the regular highway traffic during the construction period.  To solve this problem GIG partner, BEL Contracting designed and constructed a traffic detour around the installation site to negate delays to the highway traffic.




BEL managed to complete this project within the permitted fishery window in less than six weeks in spite of the delays that were imposed due to the fire restrictions during September of 2003.



  • construction within the wetted perimeter of a major rainbow trout stream

  • construction of a creek crossing requiring construction of a detour of a major provincial highway

  • streambed reconstruction and riparian restoration



LOCATION  West Vancouver, BC 

OWNER   Hay and Company for the District of West Vancouver

COMPLETED  September 2004

VALUE  $330K


This project on Marine Drive included the diversion of existing river to allow excavation; and the excavation and replacement with +- 1500 cubic meters of rip rap on an eroding river bank.


This was a difficult job from an access point of view as well as satisfying fisheries due to it being a major salmon route.  A geo-technical consultant was hired to approve the installation of various materials.


Environmental Management was the responsibility of GIG which included controlling the site with dams on either end of the work and pumped unwanted water back into the main stream of the river.  Fisheries were very much involved in this process.


  • working in the wetted perimeter of a major fishway

  • detailed riverbank protection construction

  • completion of instream works of a major North shore waterway during permitted fisheries window